Career Counsellor

Career Counsellor

Tangaza University College

Career Counsellor

Details of the offer

Tangaza University College is moving towards becoming a full university. As befits an institution of higher learning, we are committed to academic excellence and the personal transformation of our students, both lay and religious. The following vacancy have arisen within the University College and requires to be filled:
•A holder of master's Degree in Guidance and Counselling, or Counselling or Clinical Psychology from an accredited

•Expected to work for 45 hours a week.

•Demonstrable history of displaying excellent clinical judgement.

•Knowledgeable about ever-changing trends across all dominant industries.

•Must Possess excellent assessment and communication skills


The incumbent will undertake duties as follows:

•Use aptitude and achievement assessments, to help students evaluate their interests, skills, and abilities

•Help students in their planning for careers after graduation

•Refer students and parent store sources outside the University for additional support

•Help students set realistic academic and career goals and develop a plan to achieve them

•Organize the annual career week

•Help students to gain skills relevant for the job market such as CV writing, interview skills, self-presentation

•Evaluate students’ background, education, and training in order to help them develop realistic goals

•Guide students through making decisions about their careers, such as choosing a new profession and the type of degrees

to pursue

•Helpstudentslearnjobsearchskills, such as interviewing and networking

•Assist students in locating and applying for jobs, by teaching them strategies to find openings, attachments and internships

Advise students on how to resolve problems in the workplace, such as conflicts with bosses or coworkers
•Help students select and apply for educational programs, to obtain the necessary degrees, credentials, and skills

•Find out any possible way to assist students advance in their career journey

•To liaison with the alumni and marketing offices.


Job Requirements
Required education
: Post-graduate education

Required relevant work experience
: 3 years

Required languages:
English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)
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