Consultancy For Civil Society Organisation Capacity Assessment In Wajir County, Kenya At Islamic Relief

Consultancy For Civil Society Organisation Capacity Assessment In Wajir County, Kenya At Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief

Consultancy For Civil Society Organisation Capacity Assessment In Wajir County, Kenya At Islamic Relief

Details of the offer

About the Project
The purpose of conducting CSOs capacity assessment is to appreciate the efforts directed towards gender equality, economic empowerment of women, human rights, gender and NRM as per sustainable development goals and in line with country integrated development plans One of the key activities of the project is the capacity building of local CSO’s in project locations of Wajir East and Wajir South sub-counties to champion human rights, gender, NRM and livelihood issues. Any capacity building measure to these partners are best informed by conducting in-depth capacity assessment on individual civil society organizations so that precise development support is prioritized and tailored accordingly.
Therefore, IRK is looking for the service of a consultant to conduct an organization capacity assessment for 4 selected CSOs in Wajir and subsequently develop a capacity building plan on the same.
To develop a comprehensive assessment report on each of the 4 CSOs inclusive of recommended prioritized development plan.
Scope of Work (Some of the Key areas that the consultant would need to focus during assessment include):
System reviews within the organization i.e. Grant Management, HR policies and Procedures, IT, complain and feedback mechanisms, security operating procedures
Program development, programming, delivery, resource mobilization and organization continuity
Partnerships and relationships
Organization principles, values and culture
Organization governance and leadership
Financial systems, procedures and internal controls (audited accounts), management letters and recommendations

Assessment methodology:
The assessment is expected to utilize methodologies well aligned with the tasks at hand. The methodology will involve collection of primary data from pre-identified CSOs. Additionally, a participatory methodology involving organization board of governors, senior, middle and junior staff during the exercise, on-sport check and review of last 3 years relevant organization documents.
Key Deliverables
Development of an inception report highlighting details of the deliverables and methodologies, detailed tools, and instruments (First the inception report will be approved by IRK before allowing any assessment). The agreement with the consultant can be terminated if the inception report is not approved). This would include all practical operational tools that would be deployed in the assessment, the work plan including assessment and report deliveries.
Questionnaire Testing – the consultant will be responsible to test the tools of the assessment. Refinement will be checked after field testing;
First Draft Assessment Report – The outline for this delivery could be agreed in the inception report. But it should meet the assessment objectives put in the TOR. The timing frame could also be included in this TOR, as well.

Tentative Schedule
The Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) should be completed within a maximum of 10 working days from the commencement of the task. The consultant should submit the detailed breakdown of the evaluation timetable based on the following major activities as a guideline or suggestion:
Development OCA design & tools and methodology approach
Review of documentation
Contact of assessment to four organizations
Data analysis and report writing
Preparation and submission of the first draft report
Meetings with IRK and assessed organization management on initial findings and recommendations
Incorporation of comments and finalization of the OCA report

The consultant should:
Possess excellent assessment skills and must have experience with local CSOs dynamics in Wajir County/North Eastern Kenya.
Agree with IRK team (management, technical leads and MEAL team) on the methodology of the assessment.
. Produce a work-plan of the task with doable agreed timelines
Lead on the assessment process and outputs
Draft and finalize data collection tools
Collect and analyze data
Submit the draft assessment report to IRK
Submit the final assessment report incorporating comments and inputs from assessed organizations and IRK

IRK will:
Facilitate the work as per the specified activity and time frame in the outline above
Provide relevant project documents to the consultant
Effect payments according to the agreement
Provide timely feedback on the report from all relevant staff members.

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