Early Post-Doctoral Researcher - Epidemiologist / Statistician

Early Post-Doctoral Researcher - Epidemiologist / Statistician

Kemri -Wellcome Trust Research Programme

Early Post-Doctoral Researcher - Epidemiologist / Statistician

Details of the offer

The Clinical Information Network (CIN) was initiated in 2013 first to track changes in paediatric quality of care and since 2018 to track quality of inpatient neonatal care. The CIN now involves 19 Kenyan county hospitals and works to help develop improved information on the causes, characteristics and outcomes of neonatal admissions. The team has, over a number of years, developed a variety of metrics on the quality and outcomes of care provided to inpatient new borns with common illnesses. Hospitals in CIN are also now taking part in specific quality of care improvement programmes expected to last 3 or more years and the CIN team is looking for a post-doctoral epidemiologist or statistician to lead the further development of neonatal quality of care metrics and evaluate the changes in quality and outcomes of care over time and place. The CIN neonatal data comprise approximately 20,000 inpatient episodes per year with mortality rates in these wards of over 10%. This unique dataset will provide the post-holder with a unique research opportunity with findings that will be important nationally and globally.


Take a leading role in optimizing specific and composite indicators for measuring the quality of in-patient neonatal care

Using the indicators identified undertake analyses that evaluate the quality of neonatal care provided in CIN hospitals and explore the reasons for any variation observed

Using the indicators identified undertake analyses on any changes in the quality of care that take place over time in response to improvement interventions and explore any apparent variation across hospitals and over time

Using the indicators identified examine the relationship between quality of care and outcomes on hospitals’ neonatal units

Lead the writing of manuscripts based on these analyses for submission to international peer-reviewed journals and present findings at national and international meetings

Contribute in a general supervisory / advisory role together with senior clinical researchers to developments in the processes of data capture, management, security and analyses for CIN

Supervise and mentor junior researchers including those undertaking MSc studies and, depending on experience, offer support to PhD students

Contribute to the development of future funding proposals including, where appropriate, their own fellowship applications or proposals on which they are senior co-investigators
Job Requirements
Required education
: Post-graduate education

Required relevant work experience
: 5 years

Required languages:
English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)
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