Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager

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Human Resource Manager

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Overall Roles and Responsibilities:
Human Resource Planning
(i) Undertaking the whole process of recruitment – from vacancy announcement to actual placement of candidate.
(ii) Ensuring that the vacancies are filled with the best qualified persons in the shortest time possible.
(iii) Have clear succession plan and a strategic human resource pool for all key and strategic positions.
(iv) Create staff retaining strategies to ensure continuity.
Training and Development
(i) Conducting the initial trainings of induction and orientation for new staff.
(ii) Management of training for attaches’ and interns.
(iii) Training needs assessment for all staff – new products/technology or policy training, appraisal result training needs, new laws and skills upgrade training
(iv) Preparing the schedule of training, sourcing of trainers and handling of post training assessment
(v) Mentoring and Coaching of staff
Performance Management
(i) Preparation of Job Description for staff
(ii) Setting of KPIs as prescribed in the departments’ strategy
(iii) Management and undertaking of appraisal process and guidance to the HODs on departments’ appraisal
(iv) Management of the appraisal results – bonus, PIP, training for the gaps in performance.
Labour Laws Compliance
(i) Ensuring that the Employment Act and revised Acts are adhered to
(ii) Advisory to the Board of Management on the legal aspects and changes in Labour Law
(iii) Industrial relations management – Liaising Kiambu County Labour office for any directives.
(iv) Handling the union matters as they may arise.
(v) Representing the Organization in the labour court and County labour office for disputes that may arise with institutions and individuals on matters labour
Employee Relations and Welfare
(i) Conflicts and Disciplinary management
(ii) Implementation of the Staff Code of Conduct
(iii) Creation of welfare programs for staff and assisting in the management of the same
(iv) Team building and outdoor facilitation activities for motivation.
(v) Ensuring that the staff are well versed with the operations of the organization
(vi) Ensuring the canteen and dining room are clean, organized and equipped to cater for all staff.
Payroll and benefits management
(i) Ensure that the payroll is processed and managed on time
(ii) Ensure all the statutory deductions for PAYE, NITA, NSSF and NHIF are done and submitted on time
(iii) Ensure that the Medical Cover is up to date at all times.
(iv) Create and manage a pension scheme for members
Record keeping and files management
(i) Ensuring that all staff files are complete as per the law, updated and safely kept.
(ii) Adherence to the law on staff data protection and confidentiality of staff files.
(iii) Ensure that organizations’ documents which relates to the HR department and other areas handled by the HR are well secured.
The main purpose of the role will be to lead and deliver the HR and Administration strategy.

Schedule: Full time

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