Post-Doctoral Research Fellow ; Disaster Risk Management

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow ; Disaster Risk Management

African Centre For Technology Studies (Acts)

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow ; Disaster Risk Management

Details of the offer

Floods, collapsing buildings, and fires are prevalent hazards in Nairobi. While most parts of the city experiences such disasters in different magnitude, Nairobi’s informal settlements (slums) are major frontiers of these hazards, both natural and human risks owing to a number of compounding reasons. For instance, fires are common phenomenon in slums often emerging from various sources including electrical faults (resulting from poor/illegal electrical infrastructure), poor cooking spaces among others. The main goal for the Nairobi Hub is to provide Nairobi with the capacity and policy framework that enables a shift from crisis/emergency response towards integrated urban development and planning for enhanced disaster risk preparedness and management, through policy relevant and transdisciplinary research. The need for such a transition is recognized at the Nairobi city county government level, reflected among others in the Nairobi Disaster Management Act 2019, which is currently under review.


Support the establishment of an inventory of organizations, institutions, policies and legislation on risk management in Nairobi and in informal settlements, applying innovative methodologies such as desk study (data from a wide scan of sources including the UrbanARK & ForPAC projects’ historical loss databases, National Disaster Operations Centre, and a range of other sources), key informant interviews, Participatory Impact Pathways Analysis (PIPA), and the UN-HABITAT City Resilience Action Planning tool.

In collaboration with various research teams, work closely with the database management specialist to establish an online database of risks and other resilience variables including population, building development, investments, vulnerability, gender, risk loss data across hazards among others.

Contribute to the synthesis of the inventory data into a background paper for the Hub -outlining the social, economic and policy drivers shaping the risk context in Nairobi, map of actors and institutions.

Contribute to the review and understanding of the urban transitions – documenting the past, present and future urban risk patterns (urban morphology) in Nairobi, and the relationship between the urban poor and city level processes.

In close consultation with the gender post-doctoral research fellow, support the analysis of gender/intersectionality and social differentiation at the settlement (Mukuru) and city level.

With guidance from the senior researchers, analyse the governance barriers and opportunities for integration of risk in urban governance, both city-wide and as it relates to the Mukuru informal settlement.

Undertake in-depth policy review and analysis - the Disaster Management Act, the National Disaster Management Policies - and outline key opportunities for embedding multi-hazard thinking for more futuristic planning.

Undertake in-depth sectoral reviews, analysis and audits of various sectoral policies within Nairobi County and establish the linkages and opportunities for multi-hazard risk planning and preparedness.

Support the analysis of the political economy of Disaster Management and identify the various policy narratives driving risk governance in Nairobi, and their implications for the Hub’s support to strategies for integration of risk in the Disaster Management and Planning.

Support and contribute to the design, execution and documentation of policy scenario visioning exercises including workshops, policy roundtables among others.

Closely work with DRR stakeholders in the City and research teams to co-develop future scenarios for the city and arrive at a shared future vision with particular focus on the implications of different scenarios for gender equity and social differentiation of risk impacts.

Policy and outreach

Support Stakeholder engagement and relations building across and between different partners of the Hub - facilitate engagement and strengthen partnerships for building science-policy relations.

Support the mapping and understanding of the engagement needs of all the work packages - this will be done to ensure that all the engagements are integrated and well liked for research integrations and cost-effectiveness.

Support the design and establishment of DRR Community of Practice (CoP). The CoP will include a wide array of stakeholders drawn from local, county, national and international levels to support a more integrated review and inputs into the research outputs and outcomes.

Support the establishment and running of the DRR Evidence Hub/convening and policy support as well as using the evidence to support integrated policies for the city.

Lead research translation by breaking down the research outputs and findings into non-technical versions and policy messages to be used for policy discussions and long term DRR planning for the City.

Convene regular policy dialogues with the Nairobi county and the National governments as well as other stakeholders to share and dialogue on the emerging insights and visions for a more proactive DRR planning for the city.

Support the development and delivery of a multi-hazard DRR Management Plan for the City.

Support and contribute to the capacity building plans designed towards the desired culture change through contributing to capacity needs assessments, skill development through targeted programmes such as capacity building programmes, customized trainings, Exchange visits (annually), and Executive courses to deliver an open process for career development.

Terms of Employment

Two (2) years renewable based on performance and availability of funds.

The position provides competitive pensionable remuneration with an inclusive competitive medical cover.

Provides an opportunity to work and establish networks with globally renowned researchers in the field of Disaster Management and with real career growth opportunity in the area of research and development.

The position provides an equal opportunity for all, and women candidates are highly encouraged to apply.
Job Requirements
Required education
: Post-graduate education

Required relevant work experience
: 2 years

Required languages:
English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)
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