Regional Logistics And Liaison Coordinator At Sos Children'S Villages

Regional Logistics And Liaison Coordinator At Sos Children'S Villages

Sos Children'S Villages

Regional Logistics And Liaison Coordinator At Sos Children'S Villages

Details of the offer

Supervisor: Head of Mission
Region: East and Southern Africa (ESAF)
Job Summary
Regional Liaison & Logistics Coordinator in the ESAF IBO Nairobi liaises on delegation of the Head of Mission with external stakeholders including the Government of Kenya including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NGOs Board, Kenya Revenue Authority and Immigration. This position holder informs and advises Head of Mission on government requirements and policies related to International Organisations and Foreign Embassies in the Country. In addition, the role oversees the management of logistics, security and transport in the IBO Nairobi.
Main Clients
Head of Mission (IBO Nairobi)
Regional and Branch Office Staff
Government entities
International Office
National Associations
Security firms
Various Suppliers

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
Liaising with external stakeholders
Plays a key role in representing SOS Children Villages International by delegation of the Head of Mission, and maintaining good external relationships with the Government of Kenya including the line ministry of Foreign Affairs, KRA, Immigration, NGO board in relation to various operational needs of the organization.
Liaises with Government departments to ensure routine legal and governmental requirements are fulfilled in line with work and residence permits, visas, vehicles’ registration and insurance, etc.
Arranges visas, work permits, residence permits for SOS Children Villages International officials and international/regional staff.
Follows up with the Immigration and other government departments in relation to visa applications, documentation for SOS sponsored foreign students.
Arranges contacts and meetings with Government officials, members of the media, other non-profit making organizations, and business concerns in order to facilitate the work of SOS Children Villages International officials.
Plays a key role in assisting expatriate staff and their dependents assigned to IBO Nairobi in logistical support and arrangements.
Represents the Head of Mission, as delegated, in interactions with external stakeholders such as government ministries and embassies.
Logistics and Procurement
Facilitates all the procurement and supply process for IBO Nairobi including preparing documents for procurement committee, preparing purchase requisitions, prequalification as per approved procurement policies requesting and receiving quotations.
Provides logistical support services including cargo delivery and clearance, processing of customs exemptions, procurement of emergency relief supplies including duty exemption for expatriates.
Provides support in travel coordination and any logistic requirements for IBO Nairobi and International office coworkers.
Facilitates shipping of personal effects and clearance procedures of International expatriates arrivals and departures logistics.
Ensure that all procurement documentation for IBO Nairobi is properly processed according to procurement guidelines.
Monitors the implementation of the emergency procedures and logistics in emergencies or in matters related to evacuation of children, youth and coworkers for medical assistance to a second country.
Provides special logistics support for children sent to Nairobi for medical and educational support from National Associations.

Transport Management
Maintains annual renewal of vehicle insurance, follow-up and update timely information on the insurance of new IB Office vehicles;
Reports accidents and take timely action in reporting to the Insurance Company on repairs and claims and follow-up implementation procedures;
Obtains plates for new IB Office vehicles and arrange annual inspection;
Manages the carpool of the office to ensure proper service of Office vehicles is done and vehicles are maintained in good order.

Liaises with security network on security matters within the area of office location.
Is the first contact person for security matters pertaining to IBO staff.
Takes part in security briefings by delegation of Head of mission and reports outcomes of briefings and any security related information to the HoM.
Standby for emergency matters as they may arise especially with expatriate staff and Head of mission.
Advises HoM about security matters in the IBO Nairobi

Undertakes any other duties as reasonably requested by the Head of Mission.

Qualifications and Experience
A Minimum of 5 years work experience in Support Services, Logistics, Procurement and Liaison
Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics and Procurement and related qualification
Strong Experience working with Government of Kenya ,Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Immigration,NGO Board and KRA.
Very good written and spoken English
Strong Computer skills in Microsoft Office Packages
Good consulting, analytical and critical thinking skills, organized and results driven
Working in a multi-location/matrix organization
Good planning and coordination skills
Self-starter and Networking skills
Assertiveness and endurance
Good self-management skills
Strong and highly effective communication skills



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