Senior Field Security Officer At United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (Unhcr)

Senior Field Security Officer At United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (Unhcr)

Ions High Commissioner For Refugees (Unhcr)

Senior Field Security Officer At United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (Unhcr)

Details of the offer

Procedures and Eligibility
Before submitting an application, UNHCR staff members intending to apply to this Job Opening are requested to consult the Recruitment and Assignments Policy (RAP, UNHCR/HCP/2017/2 and the Recruitment and Assignments Administrative Instruction (RAAI), UNHCR/AI/2017/7 OF 15 August 2017.
Duties and Qualifications
Organizational Setting and Work Relationships
The Senior Field Security Officer reports to the manager, who may be, according to context, the Representative/Chief of Mission or Head of Office within a country operation; the Bureau Director in a Regional Directorate; or the Chief, Security Operations Section at Headquarters.
The incumbent acts as an adviser to the manager on field security, providing sound, well- reasoned advice followed by support in implementation of agreed measures or steps.
The incumbent may directly supervise security personnel at the international or national level.
The incumbent may, depending on the context, be expected to travel on mission to multiple duty stations, where the incumbent provides advice and support to the local manager as agreed in mission terms of reference.
The incumbent may, depending on the context, be expected to monitor, coach, guide and support security personnel in a particular country, region or sub-region.
All UNHCR staff members are accountable to perform their duties as reflected in their job description. They do so within their delegated authorities, in line with the regulatory framework of UNHCR which includes the UN Charter, UN Staff Regulations and Rules, UNHCR Policies and Administrative Instructions as well as relevant accountability frameworks. In addition, staff members are required to discharge their responsibilities in a manner consistent with the core, functional, cross-functional and managerial competencies and UNHCR’s core values of professionalism, integrity and respect for diversity.
Provide practical and well-reasoned security advice, coordination and support to the designated manager(s) in managing staff safety and security of UNHCR personnel, partners, operations, premises and refugees or other persons of concern.
Monitor situations and events in the designated region, country or duty station, and gather and analyse information with the aim of identifying emerging trends and providing early warning of any potential threats that may affect the safety and security of UNHCR personnel, premises, assets and impact programme delivery.
Provide security analysis and reports to UNHCR managers and the Field Security Service at Headquarters when required.
Provide security-related advice, in written and oral form, to the manager and other personnel.
Undertake overall contextual analysis, identify security-related priority needs, and develop an annual work plan for addressing them.
Conduct regular missions to countries in the region, providing security advice, training and coaching, including, inter alia, Security Risk Assessments, security risk management measures, operational plans and criticality assessments, beneficiary security issues and security-related administrative issues.
Monitor events and intervene when and where appropriate to ensure that security-related goals are achieved.
Advise the manager on the reconciliation of humanitarian and security objectives in the region/country/duty station of responsibility, and on integrating security measures into operational planning (including budgetary provisions) at the earliest stages of development.
Conduct security planning, recommend and, upon approval, implement preventive and mitigating measures,
Provide regular reporting on security-related incidents and events to the manager, the Bureau and the Field Security Service at Headquarters. Provide input on security aspects of situation reports and the potential impact on the safety and security of UNHCR personnel and programme delivery.
Maintain effective liaison and relationships with UNDSS, Host Government law enforcement, and other actors in the region/country/duty station, to ensure effective and responsive partnership and support in support of UNHCR’s security and other needs.
Provide training and coaching to staff and, as appropriate partners, both on mission and within the duty station of assignment, aimed at developing skills to plan and conduct operations safely within the specific security environment.
In coordination with Field Security Service and the Global Learning and Development Center, assist in the identification of training needs, and planning and delivery of security training organized within the region.
Assist in maximising the capacity of national field security staff by helping with their recruitment and selection, providing coaching, mentoring, training and other forms of advice, identifying their further training needs, and assessing their potential for undertaking greater responsibilities.
Ensure that information-sharing networks are established with external stakeholders and other actors including UNDSS, host governments, Operational and Implementing partners, and that regular feedback and analysis is provided to Representatives and Bureau management.
Maintain linkages with Medical and Senior Staff Counsellor personnel in the region/country/duty station, referring cases as required.
Provide post-incident support as appropriate.
Perform other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications
Education & Professional Work Experience

Years of Experience / Degree Level

For P4/NOD – 9 years relevant experience with Undergraduate degree; or 8 years relevant experience with Graduate degree; or 7 years relevant experience with Doctorate degree

Field(s) of Education

Security Security Management; Business Administration; Political Science; Social Science; International Relations; or other relevant field.

Also relevant would be military or police academy degree (at Officer level), and the equivalent of an advanced university degree (MA or equivalent) specifically successful completion of the Command and General Staff at a recognized military staff college or police equivalent.

(Field(s) of Education marked with an asterisk are essential)Certificates and/or Licenses N / A

(Certificates and Licenses marked with an asterisk are essential)Relevant Job Experience

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