Technical Advisor-Iwrm

Technical Advisor-Iwrm

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Technical Advisor-Iwrm

Details of the offer

The objective of the GIZ Programme on Sustainable water Resource Management in Somalia focuses on establishing the foundation for a comprehensive Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) and aims to develop capacities to manage Somalia’s water resources. It aims to establish a baseline on the current state of IWRM in the Shabelle river basin (river basin analysis) and develops skills of technical staff are trained to use hydrological techniques for data collection and monitoring. Further, the water resources monitoring network
will be improved by the integration of satellite data and strategic gauge stations.At institutional level, decision makers are trained on relevant issues around international water law and negotiation skills to get into dialogue with stakeholders along the river basin on sustainable use of the river water. Support to establish and build intersectoral coordination through working groups is provided. Decision makers are also exposed to experiences in other river basins who have built national integrated water resource management systems.
Excursions with a view to experience in building a national Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) system. This is in a view to improve the institutional framework for the sustainable development of water resources in the country. With better information on water availability, demand and use, as well as improved technical capacity, the relevant water and agriculture ministries engage communities and civil society
organisations to identify and resolve specific problems experienced along the river such as flooding, management of water inflows and low agricultural productivity through participatory modelling. They receive support to establish water user organisations and receive training on operational water monitoring for the challenges identified in their specific locations.Responsibilities
IWRM is looking for atechnical advisorto strengthen the Institutional capacity and decision makers on integrated water resource management as well as on relevant issues around in transboundary water management, international water law and negotiation skills to get into dialogue with stakeholders along the river basins on sustainable use of the river water
(sharing benefits).The potential Applicant should and must be holding a Kenyan nationality with very fluent in English, Kiswahili and Somali languages.
University degree in an area that is related to the programme objectives – e.g. in water resources management, land use planning, geography with focus on water, environmental sciences, engineering focus on water or other relevant to job profile with willingness to cross-disciplinary thinking and an interest in other relevant areas.

Regular business trips to Somalia (Shabelle River basin) are necessary.

Professional experience
Atleast 3 years of experience in any of the above mentioned sectors or academia on relevance topics.

Experience in river basic community as well in water resource management in Somalia is an advantage

Fluency in English, Kiswahili and in Somali languages

Other knowledge, additional competences
Good practical and theoretical background on water resources, land use
planning, data management and monitoring
Experience in working with communities and Water user Associations

Willingness to frequent travel and work to Shabelle River basin regions

Good working knowledge of ICT technologies, basic GIS and computer applications

Proven reporting and writing skills in English; mastering the Somali language will
be an added advantage
Research experience in an area related to the project’s / programme’s requirements
is desirable


The Project Advisor undertakes:
A. Improvement of capaicities in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) and Transboundry Water Management (TWM)
Support partners in developing concept for society adaptation to the conditions of
scarce, highly variable rainfall, to limit the demand, and focus on how water is used and shared.
Support partners in developing a concept for optimization of surface and groundwater
monitoring network
Support in establishing a water governance system

Support partners in preparation for TWM negotiations

Support Partners in Capacitating leaders in IWRM

Support the partners in initiating water sector assessment

Support Partener in developing a concept for long-term capacity development in IWRM & TWM

B. Improvement of hydro-met monitoring system
Digitization of hydro-meteorological data; Inventory of hard- and softcopy data

Support partners in developing a concept for optimization of surface and groundwater
monitoring network
In close collaboration with all partners support in training of government officials on
monitoring techniques and data analysis
Assisting in the consultation with relevant stakeholders

Contributing to the monitoring of activities related to the development and implementation of joint projects by IWRM

Support in routine surface and ground water quantity and quality monitoring

Ready to frequent travel in Somalia especially in Shabelle River Basin districts and regions.

C. Communication with current and future partners
Supporting IWRM with the identification of potential funding sources

Advising and supporting in the preparation of funding proposals

Mobilize partnership resources from current and potential partners for activities beyond

D. Capacity development of selected WRUAs
Support Self-assessment of the WRUAs to identify institutional gaps

Conduct training and follow ups for the WRUAs and monitor/report progress on agreed upon action points

E. Development of Water Allocation Plans (WAPs) in a selected sub-catchment
Carry out geo-referencing of current water abstractions and effluent discharges within
the selected sub-catchment
Update WRMA permitting database and support in developing a concept for improving
permitting compliance.
Develop a water allocation plan for the sub-catchment

F. Other duties/additional tasks
Provide info to the M&E officer for the monitoring and achievement of IWaSP and partners’ Key Performance Indicators

Participate in the regular IWRM Somalia management meetings and project coordination meetings

Ensure timely and effective implementation of planned activities and report any delay noticed, compared to the project plan

Support in the timely expenditure of IWRM funds and ensure proper accounting of financed activities in the project

Monitor, evaluate and document the progress of the planned activities and compile a final report

Ensure consultation and information sharing with the relevant stakeholders in the field Close collaboration with the other IWRM Somalia stakeholders is crucial:

The advisor will agree with the deputy country coordinator on a work plan during the first weeks of the assignment. The work plan will be monitored and updated on a regular basis

Any other relevant task as requested by the IWRM AV Programme

Job Requirements
Required education
: Bachelor's degree

Required relevant work experience
: 3 years

Required languages:
English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)Swahili (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent), Somali (Spoken: native | Written: native),
Mandatory attachments
Please have a scan or photo of these documents ready when you start the application:
Self-prepared CV file
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