Technical Manager - Pastoral Market Systems And Resource Manager

Technical Manager - Pastoral Market Systems And Resource Manager

Boma Project

Technical Manager - Pastoral Market Systems And Resource Manager

Details of the offer

The Pastoral Market Systems and Resource Management Technical Manager (TM) position is responsible for strategic leadership and implementation of Market Systems and Natural Resource Management activities within BOMA’s programmes. The TM has a specific duty of designing and implementing strategies aimed at layering and integrating NRM and market systems interventions into BOMA’s activities to enable poverty graduation participants and their communities to effectively utilize and govern their natural resources while profitably engaging in new and existing market and financial opportunities for the growth of their enterprises.The TM position reports to the Regional Technical Advisor with close internal working relationship with the Marsabit and Samburu Regional Managers and collaboration with the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Manager; Training Manager; and Kenya Programme Director.


i. Technical ResponsibilitiesPlan and coordinate implementation of technical activities to identify and assess NRM/market needs.

Develop and lead the implementation of strategies, standards, tools and best practices in NRM and market systems interventions to enhance BOMA’s poverty graduation programming and meet sectoral/project targets.

Collect and analyze program data, capture and share lessons learned and best practices to inform implementation, keeping desired project outputs in perspective.

Provide technical solutions to BOMA project teams, remotely and on-site, on how best to apply standards, best practices, tools and M&E helping to ensure high quality implementation in the areas of NRM and market systems.

Support awareness-rising and capacity strengthening initiatives to develop staff and participants’ ownership of NRM and market systems interventions through development of strategies, agendas/curricula, workshops, and coaching.

Develop, review, and disseminate project documents that capture best practices and lessons learned from BOMA’s NRM and markets activities to capture learning, spur program innovation, and inform future project design.

Lead BOMA’s collaboration and learning with other NRM and market systems actors to collect and share best practices and promote BOMA’s work.

Participate in the development and review of project concept notes, proposals, log frames, and budgets.

ii. Program Implementation

Take the lead in effective planning, implementation, documentation and monitoring of natural resource management and market systems projects/components in BOMA’s programming.

Work with local communities, REAP participants, local leaders and county government(s) to ensure effective pasture, water and range management.

Carry out research, synthesize and document relevant market and financial linkages information and opportunities for sharing with participants and staff.

Carry out quarterly reviews on the natural resource management and market systems interventions with a view to informing the implementation process and keeping the desired project outputs in perspective.

Lead in the integration of natural resource conservation and market system strategies in the organization’s program development.

Prepare and present accurate and timely project reports on market systems and natural resource management activities.

Prepare, maintain, and implement work plans and activity logs.

Assist the organization/lead in innovation in any other activities related to market systems and natural resource management.

iii. Strategic Responsibility

Ensure effective, strategic layering and integration of natural resource management and market systems intervention’s within BOMA’s core graduation programming.

Job Requirements
Required education
: Bachelor's degree

Required relevant work experience
: 5 years

Required languages:
English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)
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