Control Room Operator

Control Room Operator

Wts Energy

Control Room Operator

Details of the offer

A power generation organization with a generation capacity of 100MW of clean, renewable electrical energy and is the second largest wind power project in Kenya.
The Control Room Operator reports to and implements the directives of the O&M Manager and is responsible for all operational aspects of the power plant during his shift, including personnel and equipment safety.


Operating the company’s generation assets in a manner that meets or exceeds all applicable company and KPLC requirements.

Verifying the safe and effective operation of the Power Plant, including ancillary and Balance of Plant (BOP) equipment as assigned, through the detection of alarms, changes in parameters, outages, anomalies, and abnormal conditions, to maintain stable and efficient operations

Collaborating with National Control Center operators, Ketraco Substation Operators and maintenance personnel to implement scheduled maintenance plans, and to restore generation following unexpected disruptions in normal operations

Reacting to directives and abnormal conditions immediately in accordance with Kipeto processes and Standard Operating Procedures, in order to guarantee safe and compliant operations

Recording data, log information and compile and distribute reports as required.

Acting proactively using core operator fundamentals by anticipating critical conditions, checking status based on all parameters available, identifying abnormal situations not necessarily captured by an alarm, etc.

Maintaining continuous coverage and responsibility while on-duty, remaining alert and attentive and ready and able to respond to any normal or emergency situation

Completing the required internal and external training requirements and certifications.

Perform safe and efficient operation of the wind turbines and balance of plant equipment from the control room using the plant’s SCADA and other available controls and indications.

Job Requirements
Required education
: Bachelor's degree

Required relevant work experience
: 5 years

Required languages:
English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)
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